Dr. Aimee Flores is a Stem Cell and Cancer Biology Scientist with over eight years of research experience resulting in several top tier scientific journal publications, the development of a novel metabolic activity assay and a patent for a compound that promotes hair growth...continue reading [PDF]

Dr. Aimee Flores

...Johnathan had left Belize 11 years prior to pursue a PhD in immunology. As an undergraduate at the University of Florida in Gainesville he studied tropical parasitology... continue reading [PDF]

Dr. Johnathan Canton

Evan Hall, son of Ivan and Ivy (née Robateau) Hall, and Barbara Hall, daughter of Desmond and Maude (née Gibson) Parks, were born in Belize City ... continue reading [PDF]

Mr. & Mrs. Hall

Mr. Claude Haylock, son of Mr. Hewitt Haylock and Mrs. Joan Haylock, was born in Corozal Town, Belize... continue reading  [web link]

Mr. Claude Haylock

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