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Dr. Aimee Flores

Dr. Aimee Flores is a Stem Cell and Cancer Biology Scientist with over eight years of research experience resulting in several top tier scientific journal publications, the development of a novel metabolic activity assay and a patent for a compound that promotes hair growth...continue reading [PDF]

Dr. Johnathan Canton

...Johnathan had left Belize 11 years prior to pursue a PhD in immunology. As an undergraduate at the University of Florida in Gainesville he studied tropical parasitology... continue reading [PDF]

Mr. & Mrs. Hall

Evan Hall, son of Ivan and Ivy (née Robateau) Hall, and Barbara Hall, daughter of Desmond and Maude (née Gibson) Parks, were born in Belize City ... continue reading [PDF]

Mr. Claude Haylock

Mr. Claude Haylock, son of Mr. Hewitt Haylock and Mrs. Joan Haylock, was born in Corozal Town, Belize... continue reading  [web link]

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