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Belize Passports

Passport Application Requirements​

Please carefully read the instructions below to apply for a Belizean passport: ​

Please be aware that the Embassy will only accept complete application forms including all supporting documentation as per the instructions above. **Please ensure application forms are printed and signed by applicant, and that all information is accurate.

Required documents for born Belizeans replacing or renewing a machine-readable passport: 


  • For applicants born in Belize and replacing or renewing a machine-readable passport a COPY of the original birth certificate or deed poll is required.  


  • For applicants who do not have a machine-readable passport (issued before 2005), the ORIGINAL birth certificate is required. 


  • For applicants who are Belizean by Descent (non-born Belizean) the ORIGINAL Nationality Certificate must be submitted.  


  • One 2"x2" passport photo- (no sleeveless blouse, no smiling, mouth closed, no glasses, no earrings, visible ears, chin, forehead, and neck) signed on the back by the applicant’s recommender. 


  • A copy of the Belize machine readable passport of the applicant’s recommender 

    • Recommenders must be an adult born Belizean or Belizean by Descent who has known the applicant for more than a year. 

    • The recommender’s full name, address, phone number  

    • Section 7 of the application must be completed and signed by the recommender.  

    • The recommender shall endorse the back of the applicant’s 2”x2” photograph with the words “I certify that this is the true likeness of (insert first, middle, last name of applicant)” and recommender’s signature.  


  • The applicant's expired Belize passport. This will be returned to the applicant once it is canceled, and the new passport has been issued. 


  • For an applicant whose previous passport is now unavailable for submission (be it lost or stolen), the applicant shall report to the Embassy of Belize.


  • Valid photo ID, which can be any of the following: Belize Social Security Card, Belize Voter registration card, Valid passport from any country, Consular Identification Card, Valid US Driver License or State ID.  


  • Married, divorced or widowed women will need to submit an original Marriage Certificate and/or Divorce Decree. 


  • For adoptees original adoption documents must be submitted. 


  • Payment: debit/credit card at appointment or money order made payable to: Embassy of Belize  

    • ​Renewal or First Issue fee for adults and children (including shipping) is $200 USD 

    • Replacement of Lost or Stolen for adults and children (including shipping) is $300 USD 

    • Do not get a money order until you receive notice via email confirming your appointment date and time (after your application has been vetted and pre-approved). 

Once the required documents have been vetted and approved, you will receive an email confirming that your documents are in order and given an appointment date and time. You must then respond to the email confirming receipt and that you will come to the Embassy at the appointed time. If the time is inconvenient for you, you can request a different date and the Embassy will endeavor to accommodate you. 

Passport Application Fees

First Time Applicant/Renewal Passports: $200 USD 

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passports: $300 USD

* Kindly note that the passport processing stations in the United States are not able to issue the expedited service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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