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Internship Program at the Embassy of Belize in Washington D.C.


The Embassy of Belize in Washington D.C. is tasked with furthering Belize’s Economic and Foreign Policy, and strengthening the outreach of the Government of Belize to its diaspora living in the United States and Canada. To this end, the Embassy of Belize has decided to contribute to the provision of growth opportunities to Belizean students in the United States and Canada by having a program of internship for students at tertiary level institutions.


Student - A person demonstrably enrolled in a Community College, College, University or any institution so accepted as a tertiary school either in the United States, Canada, or Belize.

Embassy of Belize - The Embassy of Belize is understood to be the Embassy in Washington D.C., and for the purposes of The Program, is NOT inclusive of any consulates or any other office of the Government of Belize.


The Internship Program (The Program) is not meant to provide certification or confer a qualification of any kind, rather it is meant to be a short work experience for students in an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program, attending schools in either the United States, Canada or Belize.

This may also include, depending upon availability, the opportunity to attend meetings at The Organization of American States (OAS), have access to the OAS Library, attend workshops or talks given at local universities and tour local museums.

The Program will not pay participants. However, students may receive a small stipend at the completion of at least two weeks or ten working days of work experience at Embassy of Belize in Washington D.C. Students and the Embassy may agree on a lengthier stay at the Embassy, this is dependent on the students’ major area of thesis etc. Students are responsible for all living and travel expenses while traveling to, being a part of and leaving from the program. The Embassy of Belize may provide a letter of gratitude at the end of the program for the student’s future use.

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